What carp rig for long casting?

We often cast more often to reach those fishing spots further away. The rod and casting action are not the only elements that can be improved. All parts of the rig should be perfectly adjusted. Discover our recommendations for an aerodynamic rig for fishing those long distance spots.


To transfer energy with the least stretch possible and avoid a break during casting, it is best to use a braided leader line (30/100 - 35/100 diameter).

#Caperlan Tip:
With a braided leader, you must use a finger guard to avoid cuts. If you do not have a finger guard to hand, we recommend you wind sticking tape or a plaster around your index finger.


Some rigs are better than others for long casting. The helicopter rig is the most well-known. To improve aerodynamics the weight must fly first, with the rig following.

We recommend you use a streamline bullet shaped weight, which will stabilise the rig during casting.

Since the casts will be powerful, you must add an anti-tangle sleeve to prevent the leader becoming wrapped around the main line. The shorter the leader, less chance there is of tangling. The ideal length is 15cm.

To reduce the risk of tangling and increase aerodynamics, attach the taut leader to the anti-tangle sleeve using soluble line. The soluble line will release the rig once in the water.


It would be best to reduce wind resistance on the bait. We recommend you use small, round 14mm boilies to reduce wind resistance. All your hopes of a catch rest on this boilie, so take your time to choose well and maximise its attraction!

We hope that this advice will help you create effective rigs you can use to cast your bait as far as possible, reaching more fishing spots and, hopefully, more fish….