How to cast long and accurately?

Very often we want to fish distant spots but never manage to reach them. These spots are usually less heavily fished, so long and accurate casting will increase your chances of a catch. Discover how to cast like this and improve your effectiveness.  

Preparing the tackle


To fish greater distances you need long rods with a good power reserve. 13’ rods (3.90m) are perfect for this. Rod action also has an impact on casting. Semi-parabolic rods can cast long without much effort. Fast action rods can cast even further, but require more force and skill from the user. You can also achieve more accuracy from fast action rods.


The reel and rod are two inseparable items where lightness and balance are of upmost importance. We therefore recommend you choose them together.

The reel is also very important. For the best casting, the spool should be well filled (to the rim). For long casts parallel line laying and a large spool are advisable, since the aim is to slow down the line as little as possible during the cast. Always check the drag is locked before casting.


The main line should be nylon and completely smooth. 25/100 and 30/100 lines offer the best compromise between diameter and resistance.

Casting area

The right casting area is important for your safety and you should choose a specific place. The area should be flat, free of trees and roots and away from any chairs, fishing boxes, bivouac and anything else that could interfere with casting.


Before starting to cast, carefully check your rod is well assembled and lock the drag.

The line should be long enough that the weight reaches half way down the rod, around the level of the rod fitting.

To cast, put one foot in front of the other and then shift your weight from your back foot onto the front one, holding the rod above your head with straight arms.

#Caperlan Tip
Mark out your position for the first cast using stakes or pegs placed at the ends of your feet. This way you will be sure to keep the same stance for all subsequent casts and you will be more accurate. Seriously useful for night fishing! 

I hope that following all these steps will open up more fishing opportunities for you and make your time at the water’s edge even more enjoyable.