Winter: simplicity for carp

Winter: simplicity for carp

As you have already noticed, the temperature gradually decreases. This signals the end of the beautiful autumn colours and the much appreciated warm spells. Learn today how to approach fishing in winter.

Don’t overfeed the fish

During autumn, carp’s digestion gradually slows down. Carp fill up more quickly and it is counter-productive to give them too much food. Targeted and effective baiting will enable you to work up the carp’s appetite without overfeeding them; which brings the advantage of not scaring away the beautiful specimens that are frightened by large baiting.

For precise baiting, soluble sachets are very suitable during winter. They enable you to use less bait and bait with more precision.

Reference spots

Take advantage of the sun by positioning your gear on sunny banks. Carps often prefer to feed in these areas.

“It’s not the end of the carp season”

During this time when their digestion is slower, fish sometimes come out of their “hideouts” and feeding spots. By reducing their movement, they are able to preserve energy. You should also target carp rest spots (such as submerged trees, eddies, shoals, fractures, and so on). Position your gear in or around these spots, and wait for the bites!

Natural bait

Maggots are the big winners of the winter season. This versatile bait is well liked during the winter, as it is rich in protein which allows the carp to easily build reserves. Furthermore, their movement is also visually attractive and emits a vibration, which will trigger bites from undecided fish. Given that maggots are small bait, it can be difficult to assemble on your line or hook. We recommend having a “BaitClip” which will enable you to thread maggots without damaging them.

Assembling a BaitClip

You can also use protein-rich boilies which will be effective in water bodies where carp eat boilies.

You now have everything you need to make this winter fishing season truly unforgettable.