When it’s cold, you might have to cut a fishing trip short if you don’t have the right clothing for the weather. But it’s actually quite easy to fish in the winter, even when temperatures are close to 0⁰ C, by following some simple guidelines. You need to take care to protect your upper and lower body and your extremities too. Here’s how to dress to keep as warm as possible when it’s cold out there.



Your torso, shoulders and arms need to stay warm and dry for you to be comfortable. For warmth, layer your clothing. Vests, t-shirts, pullovers, are all good for keeping your upper body warm. These multiple layers mustn’t limit your mobility, so choose modern synthetic fabrics in preference to thick wool.

The Team 500 Caperlan jacket keeps the wet and the cold out. 

Novadry fabric is waterproof and windproof, so gives you good protection from the wet. It’s also breathable, letting perspiration out and keeping you comfortable.


Similarly, you can keep your legs warm by wearing several light layers. You can start with tights or jogging bottoms to ensure good ventilation.

Caperlan Ilicium trousers are specially designed for fishing and will keep your legs warm, letting perspiration out and keeping you comfortable.

If you want waders for fishing in cold weather, choose Neoprene ones. 


Your head, hands and feet need careful protection, as your body loses a lot of heat through them. 

Neoprene gloves are ideal for fishing in cold weather as they keep out both the wet and the cold. Caperlan Azuel gloves have three removable fingers (thumb, index and middle fingers), allowing you to carry out precision activities (knots, rig and bait assembly…) without removing them completely.

# Caperlan tip

Take a cloth with you so you can dry your hands when they get wet.

Do you have a good tip for staying warm while you’re fishing? We’d really like to hear it, please leave us a comment!