In winter, predator fish tend to move around less. They can be found near shoals of prey fish or along the transit routes of white fish. They tend to build up their reserves to prepare for spring spawning time. Discover how to increase your chances of catching this predatory fish.

Predators: where to fish them in cold weather?


Both white and predator fish swim through edges. Some predators like to lie in wait here for their favourite prey to pass. These spots are busy all year round. But you still need to adapt your fishing technique to the season.


Forage fish and perch come to rest on plateaux or ledges, where the water is shallower. Zander and pike are never far from these plateaux, which provide them with a convenient pantry!


Predators hide in breaks, using them as ambush stake outs. They are great spots, but difficult to locate and fish. To find a break from the water’s edge, use a soft lure and jig head. Cast and let the lure touch the bottom (if your line is tight as the lure sinks, you will feel a “thud” when the lure reaches the bottom). Retrieve slowly keeping your rod high. You can then feel if the bottom is higher or lower and if there is a break.


Some areas, such as marinas, canals and oxbows, are well populated with fish all year round. Don’t hesitate to fish these areas slowly and methodically, especially during the sunniest parts of the day when fish are more active. In spots with deeper fishing, sunrise and sunset are also good times. Zander absorb light and prefer low light conditions.


Warm water outlets are always good spots. White fish stay in the warm flow and predators wait in the vicinity.

You now know the spots to choose for the best chance of a catch.