When it comes to fishing for predatory fish, there is not “one” but “several” effective lures depending on the fishing site. Metal lures? Plug baits? Soft lures? Please find below our selection of predatory fish lures to have fun and catch fish throughout the season.



If you are looking for a lure that is easy to use, efficient, and that can be used anywhere without the risk of attachment, then is spinnerbait is for you. Its special shape makes it perfect for exploring weedy areas to flush out active fish. It can also be used in mid-water or in the deep by varying the speed of recovery. 

It is also a perfect lure for new anglers as it is easy to use when casting and retrieving. The blades emit powerful light signals and move a lot like several rotating spinners. The spinnerbait can be used without restraint throughout the season. In short, it can do almost everything.

Caperlan Buckhan Spinnerbait 

It is important to choose the colour of the spinnerbait according to the colour of the water. When fishing in clear water, it is preferable to use natural colours with silver blades. In murky water, bright colours such as red with golden blades are recommended.

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For lake, canal, pond or even river open water fishing, a Shad lure is perfectly suited. Fitted with a weighted head, it is the perfect lure for beginners as it is easy to use. You only have to cast and retrieve the lure by reeling to provoke its attractive and effective swimming action for all freshwater predators. By retrieving slowly, you can also explore near the bottom, as long as there are no obstacles such as seagrass beds or branches.

The Caperlan Shad Biga One is available in 4 colours.

The vibrations emitted by the caudal fin are very effective on freshwater predators such as northern pike, yellow perch and even pike-perch. You will surely catch a largemouth bass if you linearly retrieve along the banks. 
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By varying the hanging and sinker, this soft lure can be used for fishing throughout the body of water. In open water with a weighted head, near the surface with a weightless assembly or even in seagrass beds with a Texan hook, it can do everything. The elasticity of the material enables the swimming action of the lure to be adapted to the recovery speed. With a slow retrieval, only the tail of the lure works, but by speeding up, the entire body starts moving. 

Caperlan Iwaki XXL

#Caperlan Tip
A 70/100 fluorocarbon fishing leader is more discrete and resistant than a steel fishing leader.

The sizes XXL 5' and XXL 6’ are adapted for fishing for northern pike in particular, but also for larger yellow perch, pike-perch and largemouth bass. The sizes 3.5 and 4.5 are better suited for “small” freshwater predators. 
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This type of lure is suitable for prospecting in vast or unknown bodies of water to “search” the area quickly. Northern pike? Yellow perch? Largemouth bass? The crankbait is effective on all freshwater predators. One of the reasons for its attractiveness is its swimming action. In fact, the powerful vibrations emitted by the lure moves a lot of water which incites fish to attack. These vibrations can also cause predators to attack more out of aggression than out of hunger. Do not hesitate to keep casting the lure in the same spot to try and trigger the attack.

The crankbait is easy to use as you only have to cast then retrieve so that its fast swimming action is automatically triggered. Its blade allows it to sink up to 3 metres deep by varying the recovery speed. The same blade also limits the risk of getting caught on weeds since this is what first touches the obstacle. All you have to do is stop recovery for the lure to come back to the surface without getting caught on anything.

The natural colours are suitable for clear water whereas the bright colours are better suited for murky water.

The Dobson 60 is a type of crankbait lure. Equipped with two VMC Black Nickel hooks, this stocky plug bait allows the quick prospecting of a body of water when looking for active predators. Regarding colours, the Dobson 60 Yellow mat is suitable for fishing in murky water while the Dobson 60 Roach is better suited for clear water.

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Would you like to fish in a vast and unknown body of water, effectively prospecting various depths? It is then time to think of the lipless. A lure for fast prospecting par excellence, the Kowai allows you to fish at all depths, from the surface to the bottom, by simply varying the recovery speed. You can fish in breaks, deep areas as well as in borders. Furthermore, the density of this lure allows you a far cast, which is advantageous when quickly prospecting vast areas of water for active predators.

Caperlan Kowai 

The Kowai emits strong vibrations when swimming, which triggers aggressive reactions from predatory fish by provoking their attack reflexes.

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If during your fishing session you notice a catch or suspicious tussle, you can then try a surface approach to reel in the fish. To do this, you can use a stickbait lure, such as the Murray. This type of lure, without a blade, imitates a distressed fish rushing to the surface. Predators are then attracted to this easy prey that cannot escape. The “walking the dog” technique is the easiest and most effective when using the Murray. This technique consists of a series of successive tugs on the rod to move the lure in a zigzag motion.

To learn how to animate the MURRAY in the walking the dog technique, click here. 

The Murray lure is available in several sizes and colours.

The Caperlan Murray lure also emits powerful sound signals thanks to the steel beads in the body of the lure. These low frequency sounds travel and attract predatory fish from far away.

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This selection of lures will allow you to confront many situations throughout your fishing season.