During winter predator fish feed less. To make them react you need to make a few changes. It is a good idea to take your time and slow down your movements. Discover which techniques are the most effective during the winter season.

LURES: Winter techniques


Since predator fish move around less in winter, they are often found gathered in the same area. Don’t hesitate to cast several times in the same spot if there has already been a touch there. Lure movement should be slow and low down in the water. In winter predator fish remain towards the bottom, unlike in other seasons when they tend to stay in mid-water.


You can use a Drop-Shot rig to slow down the lure movement. With this rig your lure stays in the same place. It is very effective for cautious fish.

With the Drop-Shot rig the lure is held vertically above the bottom of the water. It remains still or moves only very slightly, thus encouraging an attack when fish are more cautious.


Different fishing methods can be used, depending on the lure.

Soft lures are the staple for fishing in autumn and winter. Slow action broken with pauses will be perfect to overcome suspicious predators. SHAD and FINESSE type lures are particularly good for this action.

SHAD type NATURI lure – FINESSE type YUBARI lure (right)

Vibrating lures (lipless crankbaits) can also be really effective during this period. You can make a gentle retrieval pull, letting the lure sink slowly to the bottom. You can use a longer action and slowly accompany the lure as it sinks. But stay alert as the lure falls! Be careful not to allow too much slack on the line or you run the risk of not feeling a touch and missing out on a catch.

You now know how to go about winter fishing for predators, and we hope you enjoy the surprises waiting for you….