Fishing with lures is a very effective technique. There are all kinds of shapes, colours and textures. Find out about their characteristics to use the one that best suits your fishing.

How to choose your lures ?


Metal lures are known for their strength and durability. There are several types::


Spoons are Undulating or Rotating. Their special attribute is that they emit bright flashes of light and produce vibrations underwater. You can use a linear retrieve or a jigging or hopping retrieve (short pauses when retrieving the lure).

# Caperlan tip: Use a swivel with the spoon, it will prolong the life of your line and prevent it from twisting.


Spinnerbaits are "all terrain" lures. They let you go into branches and over seagrass beds. Making them move is easy since a linear retrieve is used after the cast.


Jigs are heavy metal lures, which unlike spoons, don't undulate. Because of their heavy weight, they are used to fish near the bottom or in the current. They will be most effective when you give them tugs punctuated by short pauses.


Minnows are hard plastic lures and are very versatile. They’re available in all colours and shapes.

You now know how to differentiate between the different lures and their uses. We hope this will help you choose the one that will catch you the most fish.