As carp is a burrowing fish; it likes to find its food at the bottom of the water. Find out here which bait you can use to compete with its natural food sources.

How to choose the best carp bait?


The boilie is a bait which has revolutionised carp fishing. It is formed from a mix of different grains, held together by egg yolk.20 mm balls are formed, before plunging them into boiling water, hence the name.
The majority of boilies are fluid. Their round shape differentiates them from other bait. They exist in all flavours, colours and sizes. They are formed of a mix of various ingredients (wheat flour, fish flour, etc...).This bait is often used in Europe as it is very effective, especially in closed areas of water where the carp immediately prefers it to all other types of bait.

Floating bait (pop-up): this type of rounded bait can also be used as a floater, which is very useful as carp are often curious.Another advantage is for fishing on muddy bottoms, where the bait will float above the muddy water and will always be visible to fish.Of course, the floating bait can only be used dry, and mounted on a rig.


Pellets are compressed grain pellets used primarily at the start of fishing.This is quick fishing bait. They dissolve rapidly in the water, and quickly diffuse. The speed at which they dissolve means they must be renewed frequently on the hook. Pellets are better suited to short-duration fishing.
They come in all sizes, pre-drilled or not, you can decide for yourself the size and colour of pellet which suits you best.


Seeds form a versatile part of your bait. There are numerous types which are suited to carp fishing. Here are some of them:


lupin is a versatile and fairly large seed which allows you to effectively target carp.


these seeds have the advantage of being crunchy. As carp are curious fish, they become interested if any of their companions begin to eat.


this can also be used as bait, as it's very versatile and very effective on the majority of white fish, including carp.

Please note: Although seeds are natural, you should not neglect proper preparation.The quality of their preparation affects their attractiveness, and therefore your results.Don't hesitate to add sugar during cooking to whet their appetite.

#A Caperlan tip
Seeds have the advantage of attracting carp over a fairly large area without over-feeding them, so that you can afford to have several tries in succession without breaking the bank!


Worms and maggots are the most common natural bait.They are rich in protein and very effective.They are preferred in wild waters where you will not have time to create familiarity with synthetic bait.The big disadvantage is that you will not be able to select which species of fish will bite.

A good priming strategy consists of mixing 80% seeds with 20% boilies.On your line, you can also mix a boilie with one or two seeds - this arrangement is called "cheat mounting".

You now know the main types of bait which can be used for carp fishing.It's up to you to choose which one best corresponds to the environment you wish to fish in, and the size of fish you wish to catch.