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Which accessories should you use to start carp fishing?

It is not easy to find out what elements are necessary for the practice of carp fishing.Discover all the products that you might find useful for carp fishing here.

The rod:

The rod is essential in carp fishing because it is the tool that will allow you to launch and effectively tackle the fish.

Two elements differentiate carp fishing rods:

The length: the longer the rod, the further you can launch it (the lever arm will be more important).
Action steps: More or less rigid rods have different actions. The action of the rod is the curve that it takes when under compression (when you launch, for example).
There are several actions from more flexible to more rigid (parabolic, semi-parabolic, progressive, advanced).
For beginners, a semi-parabolic rod of 3m60 will be perfect, as it's very versatile.Its flexibility and length allow you to make good shots and have a good feeling of the fish.

Conjunto para pesca de carpas SET ESSENTIAL CARP 360 cm

The reel:

For carp fishing, you should take two elements into account:
Size of the reel. For carp fishing, the reel should contain a minimum of 250m of thread. Throws can exceed 100 m, and a sizeable reserve thread on the bobbin is necessary to be able to tackle the fish without risking reaching the end of the thread.
The sensitivity of the brake. To avoid breaking the thread during catching, you should carefully adjust the brake on the reel.A brake with a casting weight of 4 kg will be enough for most catches.To adjust the brake during catching, you must close the brake enough so that the fish cannot pull the thread too much, but also leave enough slack so that the thread does not break.

Surfcasting için tasarlanmış Adrise 700 makine.

#A Caperlan tip
Always think about closing the break at the moment you set the landing net. This is the critical moment where the line is shortest and at maximum tension!


There are two large categories of threads used for carp fishing:


They come in all colours, often transparent (Crystal) or camouflage (Camo) are preferred.Nylon is an elastic thread that avoids the risk of losing the fish.In effect, its elasticity absorbs the force of the fish's movements.A versatile thread is 35/100 which allows you to securely catch most fish.

Abrasion 300 m Line Fishing Line - Camo

The braids.

This is a thread that is comprised of woven fibres and which, at the same diameter, is significantly more resistant than nylon.Despite its far superior strength, it is not very elastic and does not permit mistakes during catching.It is therefore not recommended to start off with this type of line!


The rig:

The rig is the part at the end of your line that the fish will see and where you can hook your bait.
There are many types of rig, the most versatile of which is the classic rig:a sinker on your line, followed by a braid on the lower line, finishing in a hook.A versatile sinker weighs between 60 and 80 grams, which is sufficient for fishing in the majority of areas of water.In a river, it is necessary to increase the weight to combat the current.The most versatile type of hook is n°4. This suits the majority of sizes of bait and carp.

Kit pêche essential Carpe

The bait:




The rod rest:

When fishing for carp, it is necessary to rest the rod/s.There are many solutions for doing so:


Single end pin

Accesorio soporte caña CARP STICK 50/80

End pins + buzzer bars


rod pods

Soporte pesca carpaCARP ROD POD


For beginners, a single end pin with a touch-button on the front with the heel of the rod placed on the floor can be enough on a suitable bank.
The advantage of the rod pod is that you can position the rods next to each other to respond quickly to a touch.It's up to you to choose which type of rod rest is best for your fishing practice.
Once the rod is in place, remember to tighten the line and loosen your brake until the thread begins to come out on its own from the reel while remaining tense.
You now know the basics of carp fishing - go and have some fun!
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