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Fishing with lures is a very effective technique. There are all kinds of shapes, colours and textures. Find out about their characteristics to use the one that best suits your fishing.

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Although nothing can replace experience when it comes trout fishing, here are some tips that always come in handy. So that you have the best conditions, here are our tips to improve your chances this trout season.

There’s a wide variety of soft lures, and not just because of the different shapes which produce different vibrations. The colours and attractants play their part to maximise the irresistible stimuli which will provoke an attack from a predator. These are the main colours available commercially.


Winter is a great season for sea fishing. Fish are stockpiling before heading to the open sea and surprises await you. Discover how to improve your chances of catching our finned friends.

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When it comes to fishing for predatory fish, there is not “one” but “several” effective lures depending on the fishing site. Metal lures? Plug baits? Soft lures? Please find below our selection of predatory fish lures to have fun and catch fish throughout the season.

Originally, soft lures imitated the predators’ prey. Their flexibility gave them an undulating movement that minnows just couldn’t do. The Comma was the first real soft lure: it needs a weighted head and is brought to life by the angler's dexterity.

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Like all predators, predatory fish hunt by ambushing their prey from the spots that offer the best chances of capturing them. Knowing how to identify these areas will enable you to easily locate predatory fish and thus catch them. Northern pike? Yellow perch? Largemouth bass? Pike-perch? This article will explain where to find predatory fish.

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The choice of minnow is mainly based on the depth at which you’ll be fishing. There are several types for use at all the various depths. Below is an explanation of how to make the best choice of minnow.

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There are several features that should be taken into consideration when choosing your fishing reel. Bearing quality? Drag power? Strength and even the size of the fish? We will explain benefits of the different features to help you make the right choice.