Weightless? Carolina? Texas? Wacky or even drop shot ? Through these tips find out all the options for arming your lure. 


This simple and effective rig is the most common. It can be used with virtually any soft lures, from the shad to the comma (Twist)and the finesse. 

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Take a look at all the jigheads.


TEXAN (or texas) RIG

This is the ideal rig for avoiding hooking. With the point of the hook being pricked into the lure, you can explore congested areas (aquatic plant habitats, congested areas). Strike quickly to avoid the fish becoming unhooked.

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The "Texan" ballast or "Bullet" which may or may not be sliding, if is blocked by a stop-float. 


The Carolina rig is actually a Texan rig with a "ball" type ballast rig rigged a few tens of centimetres from the lure. The ballast, mounted on the main line, is blocked by a barrel swivel.

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The addition of a pearl between the ballast and the barrel swivel protects the knot.
With the Carolina rig, the swimming of the lure is more free and natural, offering excellent presentation for suspicious or difficult fish.



This rig is suitable for fishing fish used to being in shallow water. The lure can be armed like in a Texan rig without the "ball" ballast or pricked with a hook from the front, for a "finesse" like rig.

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The weightless rig is used to fish the upper layer of water. It is possible to vary the swimming depth by changing the density of the lure's material.  



This very simple rig is used with soft worm-shaped lures. Just prick the lure in its centre with a wide shank hook. When immersed in water, the ends of the "worm" begin to oscillate as they move down, creating a very attractive vibration to predators. This rig is used mainly in freshwater.  

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To make the lure sink more quickly, you can add a buckshot a few centimetres from the hook.


The special feature of this rig is that the ballast is placed at the end of the line, under the lure. The gap between the hook and the ballast varies from 10 cm to 50 cm. This rig is used to present the bait near the bottom in a natural way. Ideal when fish are wedged on the bottom or suspicious.

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The hook is attached to the leader by way of a Palomar knot. A finesse type lure like the Yubari Caperlan is especially suited for the drop shot rig.