Graines carpe


Corn? Lupin beans? Hempseed? Tigernuts? Grains can be very different from each other with regards to their colour, their weight, their size and their taste. 
They all have one thing in common: abundance. A kilo of grains contains a large amount of individual bait.  This specific feature makes grain very efficient for carp fishing. 
In fact for cyprinids a carpet of grain on the bottom represent s:
An abundant and easy source of food. 
Perfect visibility to make detection easier.
A very attractive natural odour and flavour.
To make them more attractive, grains need to be prepared which can be broken down into two steps: soaking and cooking. 
Grains must be soaked to regain their weight and size. Soaking must last between 24 and 72hrs depending on the grains. You can add sugar during soaking to make them more attractive. 
Do not skip this step! Dry grains which double in size in the fishes stomachs can upset their digestion and lead to death.


Between 20 and 30 minutes. This helps to increase the nutritive value of the grain makes them easier to digest for the fish. Keep an eye on the cooking to make sure the grains don't get too soft so they can be used for bait more easily. 
Grains absorb and retain smells. Don't hesitate to mix them with a Caperlan Gooster liquid additive . You can also crush your grains to make them more attractive. 


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