After several fishing trips, the rod is likely to have accumulated dirt (dust, soil, sand, bait) which can scratch and damage it.  Discover our advice for looking after your fishing rod properly. 
To start with, rinse your rod in fresh water after each trip. Make sure you don't get any water inside the fittings. 
A simple and effective product such as soft soap (available in supermarkets) works wonders for deep cleaning your press fit or telescopic rods. Pour the equivalent of a soup spoon full in a large basin full of warm water (or a bath) before submerging the rod parts in it. Rub gently using a microfibre sponge and dry the rod carefully using a soft cloth. 
Leave the rod overnight in a warm room so that it dries completely.

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The fittings must be checked before the start of each season



For the rings, rub gently using a soft damp brush (not metallic) to remove impurities. Dry carefully using a microfibre cloth.

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You can find Teflon grease in the cycling department in your Decathlon store

Don't hesitate to share your tips for looking after your fishing rod in the comments.
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