Filling the spool is an important step which must not be neglected before heading off to the water's edge. A badly filled spool could reduce casting distance and increase the risk of backlashes. 
We will explain to you how to fill your reel properly in 3 steps.


Bien remplir son moulinet de pêche


Step 1: open the pick-up then attach the line to the spool using a simple double knot. 
Step 2: after having closed the pick-up, turn the crank to wind the line holding it tight in a cloth. We recommend that you put the spool in a basin of water to reduce the risk of kinking. 
Step 3: fill the spool "to the brim" leaving a 1 to 2 mm margin then cut the line. The reel is ready. 


Rigging up a few metres of nylon before assembling the braid helps you to fill the spool more efficiently. This also prevents the braid from turning on the spool. Use a Peixet knot to join the braid to the nylon line. 
Now you know how to fill your fishing reel properly. Don't hesitate to share your tips with us in the comments. 
Régler le frein moulinet
The reel is an essential item of fishing equipment. It means you can bring in fish by reeling but you can also "drag" on the line coming out when the fish pulls on the line to control it better. Discover how to adjust the drag on your reel simply and effectively.