Successful baiting needs you to know how to carefully choose the most appropriate ingredients. PV1? Dutch Yellow? Copra molasses? Terre de somme or even Belgian coconut? These exclusive terms can sometimes be difficult to absorb. Discover the specific characteristics and the benefits of each component when creating your bait. 


Breadcrumbs are used in the composition of most baits.  It acts as a "base". There are several types: 
Blond breadcrumbs 
Light beige in colour, the blonde breadcrumb is obtained by grinding the crust and the crumb of the bread. 

amorce chapelure blonde

More sticky than red breadcrumbs, it provides a base for groundbait.
Fish: bream, roach.
20% to 50% of a bait


Red breadcrumbs
This dark brown, indeed ochre, breadcrumb is made up of a mixture of crust and toast.

Amorce chapelure rousse

It's a sticky and not especially nourishing basic meal.
Fish: roach, Common rudd, bleak.
20% to 50% of a bait


Neon breadcrumbs
These brightly coloured breadcrumbs (red or yellow) are used to create an attractive visual effect instantly. It is intended primarily for groundbait. 

amorce chapelure fluo

Fish: bream, carp, young carp



As for breadcrumbs, these components can be used as a base. The choice of meal will also have an influence on the stickiness, nutritional quality or colour of the bait. 
Roasted peanut meal

Not especially sticky but nourishing, this light brown meal is used in all baits for calm waters.


The strong and appetizing smell guarantees the freshness of the meal.
Fish: all white fish.
Copra meal 
This low in nutrition meal,from coconut, is used in the manufacture of surface baits designed for calm waters (ponds, small canals). It is an excellent dispersant and its brown colour helps to darken the bait. 
Fish: roach, bleak, Common rudd.
Between 10% and 20%.
Copra molasses meal
Copra molasses is derived from a blend of coconut oil and molasses, a syrupy residue from the manufacture of sugar. The addition of molasses makes the meal dark and sticky. 

Farine Coprah Mélassé

It is used for baits used by fisherman in areas with currents (canal, river).
Fish: tench, all white fish. 
20% of the bait.


Le PV1

This mixture of grains and molasses is an excellent base for all groundbait.

Amorce farine PV1

Brown in colour, it is a sticky meal for fishing in the current.
Fish: bream, tench, roach.
10% to 25% of the bait. 


Coco belge

The characteristics of the Coco Belge are identical to copra. Its colour is however darker and the particle size is smaller. 

Farine Coco Belge

Excellent dispersant, coco belge is an ingredient of choice for all ground and surface bait.   
Fish: all white fish.
10% to 20% of the bait.


This light yellow flour is not especially or nourishing. Its fine particle size creates a cloudy effect in water. 

Farine de maïs

Versatile, it can be used for all bait preparations.
Fish: all white fish. 
10% to 20% of the bait. 
#Caperlan tip 
Cornflour is very effective for degreasing maggots. 



Amorce tourteau de mais

Nourishing and sticky, the corn press cake is used in the preparation of groundbaits to be used for big fish. The press cake can be wetted separately in hot water before being incorporated into other meals. 
Fish: bream, tench, carp. 
10% to 20% of the bait. 


This meal consists of fragments of corn grain with variable degrees of grinding. A fine semolina is for surface baits and a coarse cornmeal for groundbait. 
It can be used raw or cooked. Raw, semolina is not nutritious and is used as a dispersant. Once cooked, in contrast, it becomes sticky and nourishing. To cook it, use a large container because semolina swells significantly when cooked. 
Fish: all white fish. 
Corn meal
Corn meal is obtained by roasting corn kernels. A little darker than cornflour, it is delicate, lingering, fragrant and sticky. 

Gaude de maïs

Cornmeal can be incorporated into all ground, as well as surface, baits.
Fish: all white fish.


Dutch Yellow

Between flour and semolina. The nutritional qualities of Dutch Yellow are average. Creates a cloud on the bottom. 

amorce jaune de hollande

Dutch Yellow can be used for ground and surface baits. 
Fish: all white fish, very attractive to roach. 
10% to 20% of the bait.



Enjoyed by all white fish, from whitebait to big carp, biscuits are often used as a base or to enrich a mixture.
Biscuit Powder is sticky and nourishing. It can be used in addition to a base offering poor nutrition. The vanilla biscuit, richer in sugar, is more nutritious. 

Amorce biscuit

Biscuit can be used for ground and surface bait. Vanilla biscuit is used more for ground bait in the summer. 
Fish: all white fish. 
10% to 20% of the bait. .


Raw or cooked? Ground? Whole? Grains are often used to make up bait. 

Used as a condiment in cooking, coriander seeds give off a strong smell which is very effective when fishing for roach. A fine grind will release an even greater smell. 

Amorce coriandre moulu

Coriander can be incorporated into all baits for calm waters. 

Fish: roach. 


Hemp seed
Rich in oil, hemp seed is extremely nourishing and appetizing. 
Hemp seed can be used cooked, facilitating the digestion of the fish. It is particularly well-liked by large roach (fishing with seed). 
Ground hemp seed can make the bait fizz thanks to the particles that rise to the surface. This makes it easy to locate the bait in the water. 

Amorce chènevis moulu

When toasted, the hemp seed loses its oil and can then be used for blends that are lower in nutrients. It is even more fizzy and fragrant than ground hemp seed. 
Fish: roach, young carp, tench, bream.
5% to 20% of the bait. 


It is an oily and nourishing seed which makes the bait fizz when angling. To be used for the preparation of groundbait. 


Amorce lin moulu grillé

Fish: roach, carp, bream, tench.




Terre de Somme
This fine beige leam is effective for weighing down and linking the elements of the bait. It disperses on the water bottom.  Terre de Somme has no nutritional value. 
Damp leam
This is a very sticky and heavy leam. Very effective for river fishing.  
Once mixed with other things, Terre de Somme can be used as a bait.
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