How to assemble your sea fishing rig

It’s sometimes difficult to decide what rig to use for sea fishing with natural bait. These two versatile rigs are appropriate for most situations.


rig for handline fishing :

This “Palangrotte” rig is often used for fishing from the shore and from a boat. The advantage is that the bait isn’t resting on the bottom. It can be used with most natural baits.



slide rig :

The slide rig is designed for bottom fishing. It’s particularly effective when used with bait occurring naturally on the bottom (crab, shellfish etc.). Its main advantage is that if offers a minimum of resistance on the line, giving time for the fish to take the bait firmly.



the knots :

simple loop knot

noeud simple


Palomar knot

noeud palomar


double loop knot

noeud double boucle


Wishbone rig

montage wishbone


Now you know how to assemble these two versatile rigs, and we hope they will help you enjoy your sea fishing trips.