Getting a good start on fishing for bass from the shore.

Catching bass from the shore can be tricky if you don't know how or where to do it . Here's the advice you need about where to find this fighting fish, and the tackle you need to catch it.



Where to find it ?

Beaches/tidal pools

Beaches are, of course, the most accessible places for fishing for bass. But with such a huge choice of water, where are you most likely to find them?

The answer is, in tidal pools. These are where currents caused by the tide form depressions. Look for areas where the current stops, where the current isn't moving the same way as the tide. Bass are often attracted to these areas to feed.


Rocks / Countercurrents

As with tidal pools, bass like areas where the current is changeable or even non-existent. They position themselves near such features, waiting for any opportunity to feed.


Places where other fish pass through

In estuary mouths, creeks, pools, or river mouths where large numbers of fish swim with or against the current, you'll find bass nearby. Move around, check out the area to find the fish which are active and feeding.


Where fish are hunting

Sometimes you may find predator fish hunting near the surface. You'll see the surface of the water bubbling, perhaps with fish jumping out of the water, or birds swooping down to catch fish in the water.

In this feeding frenzy, don't stop to think about it, cast into the middle and reel in vigororously with pauses.



La canne

As you may want to fish a long way away, it's best to have a long rod for a long cast. 2m70 - 3m rods are ideal. If you're fishing in relatively still or shallow water, use a rod with a casting weight of 10g - 50g. If you want to fish in moving or deep water, opt for a casting weight of 20g - 60g.

These weights indicate the optimal weight of the lures you can cast.



The reel

Your reel needs a good line capacity (250m - 300m). Choose 3500, 4000 or 4500 size reels.




The line

Braided line is strongly recommended. It's stronger than nylon, which allows you to use a smaller diameter and so cast further, which is essential for shore fishing.

We recommend a braid 12/100 - 16/100.

Although it's not essential, a Fluorocarbon leader makes for less visibility. It's practically impossible to see underwater. For strength, we recommend 50cm - 1m of Fluorocarbon 40/100.



Surface lures float and imitate fish. Their unpredictable left/right movement gets bites from bass near the surface, which may come up for them from 1m - 2m down.


Jerkbait lures imitate fish, and allow you to fish beneath the surface, and a little deeper. They're highly effective in 2m - 4m of water when the fish are mid-water. You can reel them in 3 different ways:

Simple cast and reel in;

Randomly, with flicks of the rod tip to make the lure move left and right;.

Pull/reel in, so the lure pauses intermittently.

You decide what suits you best!




Soft lures are the most versatile. The weight of the sinker will determine the depth at which it operates. Try a variety of colours, even fluorescent ones - the bass really like them. You can use the simple cast and reel in. You can also use a big pull/reel in action with long pauses which let the lure touch the bottom.



Jigs are metal lures for very long casting. Like other lures, they allow you to fish at different depths depending on the weight of the sinker. Again, there are several ways to reel in: The simple cast and reel in, pull/reel in so the lure pauses intermittently, or a big pull/reel in action with long pauses for touching the bottom. The third option makes the lure flutter then flash during the pauses.




#A Caperlan tip: start by fishing near the surface, then in mid-water, and finally on the bottom if you still haven't had any bites. That way, you'll fish at all depths and find out where the fish are. If you fish first at the bottom when the bass are near the surface, your casts may disturb them and/or drive them away.


Now you have the basics for fishing for bass from the shore. We hope you have great catches and lots of fun fishing for this very combatative opponent.