Summer is by far the most suitable season for night fishing - fish are near the coast, the temperature is mild and it’s time for the holidays. Furthermore, you can night fish on much of the coast, increasing your chances further. Here is our advice for night fishing from the coast. 

Pêche bord de mer digue jetée



There are several effective techniques for catching fish at night. Still fishing is obviously a simple and winning technique. For demersal fish, bottom fishing also works really well during the summer. Ledgering with a float from the shore is very effective at this time of year. Furthermore, this is a very versatile fishing technique which enables you to fish in all water layers, from the surface to the bottom. 


#Caperlan Tip 

Do not look at the sea if your head lamp is turned on. The light beam may scare away any nearby fish. UV lighting such as the Moon Concept lamp will enable you to assemble and find your gear while remaining discrete. 


It is quite possible to have effective yet simple gear. A whole set + a versatile fishing reel as well as a few rigged lines is all you need to start fishing.

Flotteur lumineux pêche nuit

To easily spot bites at night, you can use floats with a detachable antenna which can be replaced by a light stick. 



Along a riverbank? Off a pontoon? From a seawall? There are so many excellent spots that should not be overlooked for your evening fishing trips. These spots are generally well built and you can easily set up your fishing gear. Be sure to leave these locations as clean as they were when you arrived. Some ports may have specific regulations regarding anglers. You can always get in touch with the harbour master to find out more. 

Bord de mer pecher la nuit

Illuminated structures are excellent fishing spots as fish are attracted to the light and gather in these areas. 



You should start fishing from the bottom, and then gradually bring the hook back up if you don't get any bites. 

This will enable you to prospect all the water layers until you find the active fish. To adjust how deep the line is, you should vary the position of the stopfloat depending on the desired depth. 

Your cast from the shore should be flexible if you’re fishing with soft bait such as semi-hard or shrimp. If you want to cast long-range, you should use resistant bait such as a peanut worm, blood worm or even crab.  



You can target a wide variety of fish while night fishing. A baited line with a simple marine worm will enable you to fish for sea bream (such as black sea bream and gilt-head sea bream), sea bass (such as European sea bass) or even flounders such as limandas or soles by varying the depth of the line.



There are some sensations and experiences that are unique to night fishing. Feel free to share yours in the comments using the dedicated hashtag #Caperlan.


See you soon on the sea shore.  

Appats peche en mer caperlan

For fish, natural bait is always irresistible. The natural aromas that they give off attract predators to our great delight. Worms? Crustaceans? Fish? Cephalopods (cuttlefish, squid)? Shellfish? All this sea bait is effective for fishing.

Pêche bord mer sécurité

When fishing from the seashore, following some simple safety rules limits the danger so you can have a peaceful fishing session. Here is a brief overview of the rules to know to fish safely.