24 advices

When you first begin fishing, it is often difficult to know how to catch fish, and then how to unhook them once you've reeled them in. Discover in this advice some good movements you can do to be more efficient and release the fish in the best conditions.


Feeder fishing is a very effective technique for catching white fish. It is like still fishing at the bottom which can be practised at a long distance. The theory is to have your baiting ready by the hook thanks to a cage filled with bait. Discover here how best to begin fishing with this technique.

Choisir moulinet Caperlan

There are several features that should be taken into consideration when choosing your fishing reel. Bearing quality? Drag power? Strength and even the size of the fish? We will explain benefits of the different features to help you make the right choice.

Choisir amorce

Choosing your bait is primarily based on where you will be fishing. In a lake? In a pond? In a canal or river? These fishing areas require using the appropriate bait to fish in good conditions. Here is some advice to help you choose the proper bait.

Comment pêcher à l'abri du froid

When it’s cold, you might have to cut a fishing trip short if you don’t have the right clothing for the weather. But it’s actually quite easy to fish in the winter, even when temperatures are close to 0⁰ C, by following some simple guidelines. You need to take care to protect your upper and lower body and your extremities too. Here’s how to dress to keep as warm as possible when it’s cold out there.


The beginning of the year sees the start of a new fishing season. Here are some ideas to improve your chances of catching fish and avoid unpleasant surprises.
Before you start, lay out the contents of your fishing boxes and check the condition of everything.

Bien amorcer

There are several types of bait with different textures and compositions. Learning to differentiate between them and use them appropriately will help you maximise your catch. Here’s some advice about how to bait well and fish effectively.orcer et pêcher efficacement.

Les ingrédients pour préparer son amorce
Successful baiting needs you to know how to carefully choose the most appropriate ingredients. PV1? Dutch Yellow? Copra molasses? Terre de somme or even Belgian coconut?
Lignes montees caperlan
Just like the choice of rod or bait, line rigs are an interesting and often exciting topic. Discussions between fishermen can be very long sometimes making the learning complicated for those who want to learn how to rig.
Esches eau douce

The use of live bait is not close to stopping because the effectiveness of these types of bait is huge. Today we're going to show you some of their special features so you can choose wisely.

Pêcher en hiver : c'est possible !!!
The arrival of winter sometimes makes you withdraw into your home where it's nice and warm to wait for the good weather. This is the ideal time to prepare your equipment, work on your strategies or simply dream about the forthcoming season.