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It's sometimes difficult to know how to make the most of your fishing time. In this article, we give you tips on how to maximize your chances of catching great carp. These tips are intended for anglers fishing in lakes or rivers, with a good density of fish.


As you have already noticed, the temperature gradually decreases. This signals the end of the beautiful autumn colours and the much appreciated warm spells. Learn today how to approach fishing in winter.

Choisir moulinet Caperlan

There are several features that should be taken into consideration when choosing your fishing reel. Bearing quality? Drag power? Strength and even the size of the fish? We will explain benefits of the different features to help you make the right choice.

Réglage porte moulinet double bague de serrage

The position of the fishing reel on the fishing rod is very important. It brings a good balance to your gear, which allows you to cast in the best conditions. Here is some advice as to how best to position your reel:

Pêche carpe sessions courte

If there was ever a good season for speed carp fishing, it’s the summer. The warmer temperatures naturally invite fishing early in the morning or at the end of the day for the famous “cast off”. And that’s good because carp are particularly active during these times of the day. Nevertheless, these speed sessions require some adapting to get luck on your side. Gear? Fishing spot? Advanced baiting? Here are our tips to have successful short carp fishing sessions.

pêche de la carpe la nuit

Carp is one of the only freshwater fish that can be caught at night. Night fishing offers very particular thrills that all carp anglers should experience. The darkness and change of bearings really contribute to the creation of this specific atmosphere which overwhelms all of the angler’s senses. Here are our tips and tricks to help you successfully go night fishing.

Before targeting the largest specimen, we have to first find the carp! You will see that this is not necessarily true…. the largest and therefore the oldest fish often behave differently to their young counterparts. First we will outline the areas where they reside and feed and then explain how to target them with your rig.


Very often we want to fish distant spots but never manage to reach them. These spots are usually less heavily fished, so long and accurate casting will increase your chances of a catch. Discover how to cast like this and improve your effectiveness.


We often cast more often to reach those fishing spots further away. The rod and casting action are not the only elements that can be improved. All parts of the rig should be perfectly adjusted. Discover our recommendations for an aerodynamic rig for fishing those long distance spots.

Comment pêcher à l'abri du froid

When it’s cold, you might have to cut a fishing trip short if you don’t have the right clothing for the weather. But it’s actually quite easy to fish in the winter, even when temperatures are close to 0⁰ C, by following some simple guidelines. You need to take care to protect your upper and lower body and your extremities too. Here’s how to dress to keep as warm as possible when it’s cold out there.


The beginning of the year sees the start of a new fishing season. Here are some ideas to improve your chances of catching fish and avoid unpleasant surprises.
Before you start, lay out the contents of your fishing boxes and check the condition of everything.

When starting carp fishing, we seldom think about the positioning of the rods. We put out our bait, cast, and then put the rods horizontally on our first rod pod.
Everything’s set up. We’re fishing for carp!
But we’ll soon see that the way you position your rods can make a huge difference to your comfort and the number of rods you can deal with.