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Pêche bord mer sécurité

When fishing from the seashore, following some simple safety rules limits the danger so you can have a peaceful fishing session. Here is a brief overview of the rules to know to fish safely.

Choisir poisson nageur

The choice of minnow is mainly based on the depth at which you’ll be fishing. There are several types for use at all the various depths. Below is an explanation of how to make the best choice of minnow.

Choisir moulinet Caperlan

There are several features that should be taken into consideration when choosing your fishing reel. Bearing quality? Drag power? Strength and even the size of the fish? We will explain benefits of the different features to help you make the right choice.

Choisir fil leurres

Nylon? Braided? Fluorocarbon? There are several types of lines that can be used for fishing with a lure, each with specific features. Today we will explain how to choose your line when fishing with a lure.

Choisir amorce

Choosing your bait is primarily based on where you will be fishing. In a lake? In a pond? In a canal or river? These fishing areas require using the appropriate bait to fish in good conditions. Here is some advice to help you choose the proper bait.

Découverte pêche mer famille

During summer the coast has many activities on offer for relaxing as a family or with friends. Between sunning yourself on the beach and swimming, why not have a go at fishing? For young and old alike, fishing is a great way of discovering, or rediscovering, the fascinating underwater world. What’s more, you don’t need a great knowledge of nature to catch your first fish or collect shellfish. With simple equipment, a little healthy curiosity and armed with some good advice you are ready to go. Whether you want to fish from the shore with a rod or discover the underwater world on the beach, here are some recommendations to help you have fun by the sea.


The beginning of the year sees the start of a new fishing season. Here are some ideas to improve your chances of catching fish and avoid unpleasant surprises.
Before you start, lay out the contents of your fishing boxes and check the condition of everything.

Bien amorcer

There are several types of bait with different textures and compositions. Learning to differentiate between them and use them appropriately will help you maximise your catch. Here’s some advice about how to bait well and fish effectively.orcer et pêcher efficacement.

Comprendre comment fonctionnent les marées
On the ocean coast, the life of a fisherman is punctuated by the different stages of the tide. Coming in? Going out? Slack water?