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bord de mer techniques de pêche

Summer’s a great time for sea fishing. Sun, holidays, relaxation… all good reasons to head for the coast. But what techniques should you use? What kinds of fish should you be looking for, and where? What kit do you need? Whether you’re just starting or more experienced, we have ideas to share with you to help your summer trips bring you success and enjoyment.

Comment pêcher à l'abri du froid

When it’s cold, you might have to cut a fishing trip short if you don’t have the right clothing for the weather. But it’s actually quite easy to fish in the winter, even when temperatures are close to 0⁰ C, by following some simple guidelines. You need to take care to protect your upper and lower body and your extremities too. Here’s how to dress to keep as warm as possible when it’s cold out there.


The beginning of the year sees the start of a new fishing season. Here are some ideas to improve your chances of catching fish and avoid unpleasant surprises.
Before you start, lay out the contents of your fishing boxes and check the condition of everything.


When starting carp fishing, we seldom think about the positioning of the rods. We put out our bait, cast, and then put the rods horizontally on our first rod pod.
Everything’s set up. We’re fishing for carp!
But we’ll soon see that the way you position your rods can make a huge difference to your comfort and the number of rods you can deal with.

Truite Toc Olivier

At the start of the season, the water is often cold, so the fish are sluggish. Fishing with live bait can be good for catching them. Here’s some advice on this technique, which we hope will get your season off to a good start. In Europe it’s called “la pêche à la TOC”, the TOC being the “tap” you feel in your hand when you get a bite…

Grosse Truite Fario CYRIL

Fly fishing is a very effective method for trout, chub or grayling. Here are the basics you need to get started with fly fishing.

Bien amorcer

There are several types of bait with different textures and compositions. Learning to differentiate between them and use them appropriately will help you maximise your catch. Here’s some advice about how to bait well and fish effectively.orcer et pêcher efficacement.

Carpe Commune

As carp is a burrowing fish; it likes to find its food at the bottom of the water. Find out here which bait you can use to compete with its natural food sources.

Les ingrédients pour préparer son amorce
Successful baiting needs you to know how to carefully choose the most appropriate ingredients. PV1? Dutch Yellow? Copra molasses? Terre de somme or even Belgian coconut?
Quelle technique choisir pour pêcher la truite ?
The opening of the trout usually heralds the beginning of the freshwater fishing season. There are high hopes of catching the first fish of the season. To have a successful opening day, there is no miracle technique but several effective techniques you should know. 
Lignes montees caperlan
Just like the choice of rod or bait, line rigs are an interesting and often exciting topic. Discussions between fishermen can be very long sometimes making the learning complicated for those who want to learn how to rig.