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sélection leurres carnassiers Caperlan

When it comes to fishing for predatory fish, there is not “one” but “several” effective lures depending on the fishing site. Metal lures? Plug baits? Soft lures? Please find below our selection of predatory fish lures to have fun and catch fish throughout the season.

bord de mer techniques de pêche

Summer’s a great time for sea fishing. Sun, holidays, relaxation… all good reasons to head for the coast. But what techniques should you use? What kinds of fish should you be looking for, and where? What kit do you need? Whether you’re just starting or more experienced, we have ideas to share with you to help your summer trips bring you success and enjoyment.

Comment pêcher à l'abri du froid

When it’s cold, you might have to cut a fishing trip short if you don’t have the right clothing for the weather. But it’s actually quite easy to fish in the winter, even when temperatures are close to 0⁰ C, by following some simple guidelines. You need to take care to protect your upper and lower body and your extremities too. Here’s how to dress to keep as warm as possible when it’s cold out there.

Les ingrédients pour préparer son amorce
Successful baiting needs you to know how to carefully choose the most appropriate ingredients. PV1? Dutch Yellow? Copra molasses? Terre de somme or even Belgian coconut?
Comprendre fils carpe
Whether it's a small fish or a record specimen, whether you catch a carp or not hangs by a thread. This essential accessory for our reels, fishing boxes or even our jackets, is the subject of a lot of tests and exciting debates.
The river has its own codes, its own "alphabet" that must be learned if we are to be able to "read the water" to force out the fish. Without these skills at the water's edge, it can sometimes be difficult to know where to start. Where to cast? Where to look?
Pêcher en hiver : c'est possible !!!
The arrival of winter sometimes makes you withdraw into your home where it's nice and warm to wait for the good weather. This is the ideal time to prepare your equipment, work on your strategies or simply dream about the forthcoming season.
Régler le frein moulinet
The reel is an essential item of fishing equipment. It means you can bring in fish by reeling but you can also "drag" on the line coming out when the fish pulls on the line to control it better. Discover how to adjust the drag on your reel simply and effectively.
Les meilleurs spots carpe pour l'hiver Caperlan
The cold changes the carp's behaviour considerably in winter. At this time of year, the fish live in slow motion, they digest slowly and move around very little. In these conditions of fishing in cold water, making some observations beforehand is essential to find interesting spots.
Prospecting 20 m, 30 m or 50 m from the beach is within everyone's reach. What's more it's quite possible to have some good fishing in these conditions. But it can get harder when the fish start avoiding the beach.
Remplir son moulinet
Filling the spool is an important step which must not be neglected before heading off to the water's edge. A badly filled spool could reduce casting distance and increase the risk of backlashes. 
We will explain to you how to fill your reel properly in 3 steps.
Comment réager en tombant dans l'eau en waders
Falling into water with waders on cause shock and stress. Clothing worn in the water has a resistance that makes swimming more difficult. 
Today, we're going to tell you how to adopt the right moves for remaining safe at the shore.