A really full keepnet is a sign of a successful fishing session. Read our advice to help you use it better by the water's edge. 
1. The keepnet must be spread out properly to keep the fish in the good condition. Weigh down the bottom of the net to keep it open in the water. Don't put the weight inside the net because you might crush the fish when you empty it out. 
5 conseils pour bien utiliser sa bourriche
There is a hook attached under the keepnet so you can attach a lead to keep it on the ground.
2. Put your keepnet in the shade to keep the fish out of the sun. 
3. Place the fish gently (don't throw them) so as not to damage them. Don't mix large fish with small ones. The small ones might get crushed when you empty the keepnet.
4. At the end of your fishing trip, avoid emptying the keepnet onto the ground or into a bucket so as not to traumatise the fish.. Place them directly in water. 
Bien utiliser sa bourriche de pêche
5. To stop the net from getting damaged, rinse your keepnet in fresh water after each session. Dry the net properly before storing it in a keep net cover. 
What about you? Do you have any tips to share about the right way to use your keepnet?